Disagreeing about Science

Science is in a period of especially pitched disagreement. Beyond the usual scientific disagreements about theories and studies, we are talking – and disagreeing – about deep questions about the nature and practice of science. In today’s episode we talk about how to disagree with people about issues related to open science, replicability, and scientific reform. How do you decide when to pick an argument? How do you disagree constructively? Did the open science movement attract people in the early days who are comfortable with disagreement, and how has that changed? What do you do if you are the only “open science person” in your lab or department, and you have to work with people who are opposed to the way you see things? Plus: Our letter of the week is about being politically conservative in academia. And it was a big week for awards in psychology.

Discussed in this episode:

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This is episode 19. It was recorded October 13, 2017.