The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science, or SIPS, held its second conference July 30 – August 1, 2017. SIPS is a new organization that works to improve methods and practices in psychology. The conference is unlike a typical academic meeting — instead of symposia and keyones, the schedule is filled with hackathons, unconferences, and more. In the first part of this episode, we talk about where SIPS came from and what it is all about. Then we present conversations that we recorded with SIPS attendees.


1. Alexa talks to three SIPS veterans: Brett Mercier, Dylan Wiwad, and Alex Uzdavines.
2. Simine talks to Mike Frank and Brian Nosek about whether there is space for morality and politics in science.
3. Sanjay talks to Rich Lucas, Bill Chopik, and Katie Corker about unconferences, Spartans, and beer city USA.
4. Alexa talk to Danielle Young, Joanna Schug, and Leigh Wilton about whether you can be a productive researcher and keep up with Netflix.
5. Simine talks to Rodica Damian, Cory Costello, & Dan Morgan about the worst thing about SIPS.
6. Sanjay talks to Koji Takahashi, and Nick Michalak about optimism vs. pessimism
7. Alexa talks to Melissa Kline about memorable SIPS moments.
8. Simine talks to Roger Giner-Sorolla, Michèle Nuijten, and Eric Vanman about interesting conversations, and a new goat mascot.
9. Sanjay talks to Ivy Onyeador, Alex Danvers, and Victor Keller about diversity, scientific self-correction, and their favorite member of The Black Goat.

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This is episode 15. It was recorded August 18, 2017, with interviews conducted August 1, 2017.